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Star Trek: Discovery tore itself apart for the good of Star Trek’s future

Polygon 03 Jun 2024
In the 32nd century, beyond the furthest point explored in the established Trek canon, the righteous United Federation of Planets has all but collapsed in the aftermath of “the Burn,” a mysterious space calamity ... It’s a different kind of Star Trek.

Doctor Who: “Dot and Bubble” Breaks His Hearts

Houston Press 03 Jun 2024
Instead, it was a razor-sharp look at colonialism and racism hidden behind a standard monster-of-the-week tale. Spoilers Ahead ... ... They will trek on without him, because conquering the planet and upholding the values of Finetime is their divine right ... .

Scientists reveal Star Trek’s Vulcan-like planet wasn’t real after all

Interesting Engineering 30 May 2024
A planet beyond our ... The discovery garnered significant attention due to the similarities with Vulcan, Spock’s fictional home planet in the Star Trek universe, which also orbits 40 Eridani A.

Finding hope in the impossible: A planet that only exists in Star Trek

India Today 30 May 2024
Finding hope in the impossible A planet that only exists in Star Trek ... .

Real-life 'Star Trek' planet was actually just an illusion caused by a 'jittery' star

Space 29 May 2024
Just like the fictional planet of Vulcan was wiped out in Star Trek, new research has destroyed the real-life version of Spock's homeworld, albeit in a less violent fashion ....

Spock Officially Homeless As A Further Study Disproves Planet In 40 Eridani A System

IFL Science 29 May 2024
These intriguing aspects, and the fact the system is only 16 light years away, led to the system being designated as the location of planet Vulcan in the Star Trek Universe ... Don’t be too sad for planet Vulcan, however.

The death of Vulcan: Study reveals planet is actually an astronomical illusion caused by stellar activity

Phys Dot Org 28 May 2024
Spock's fictional home planet, Vulcan, in the "Star Trek" universe—is really a kind of astronomical illusion caused by the pulses and jitters of the star itself, a new study shows.

Discovery Alert: Spock’s Home Planet Goes ‘Poof’

NASA 28 May 2024
Spock’s fictional home planet, Vulcan, in the “Star Trek” universe – is really a kind of astronomical illusion caused by the pulses and jitters of the star itself, a new study shows.

The Trona Pinnacles are living history – and that's why they're worth a drive

Desert Sun 25 May 2024
You may know them from films like "Planet of the Apes," "Star Trek V" and "Lost in Space." ... sets and pink hues begin to streak across the horizon, you might just feel as if you’re on an alien planet.

Zoe Saldaña States Gender Equality Fight in Hollywood Is ‘On Us’ And Inspires Women to ...

The Source 23 May 2024
While Saldaña has starred in major big-budget franchises like Marvel’sGuardians of the Galaxy” and “Star Trek,” she credits “Avatar” with transforming her career ... planet that reached the whole world.

William Shatner talks 'Star Trek,' Antarctica ahead of Motor City Comic Con

Detroit news 15 May 2024
William Shatner talks 'Trek,' Antarctica ahead of Motor City Comic Con. "Star Trek" star William Shatner spoke with The Detroit News ahead of his Motor City Comic Con appearance. He talked about Trek and his many projects.

Guest Essay: Martha Minow’s commencement remarks

Washington Square News 15 May 2024
I am a fan of Star Trek, the science fiction saga that grew from a small audience cult television show to a global media franchise ... In one episode of Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Paramount Plus

Coming Soon 08 May 2024
Are you wondering where to stream Star Trek ... Premiered back in 1987, the sci-fi, fantasy-adventure series revolves around Captain Jean-Luc Picard who forms a new generation of Starfleet to explore new planets and possibilities ... Is Star Trek ... Star Trek.

‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ Review: Sequel Is a De-Evolution for the Franchise

The Wrap 08 May 2024
If you ask me what I think the best sci-fi franchise of all time is, I won’t say “Star Wars” or “Star Trek.” I’m going to say “Planet of the Apes.” The original five films and the recent trilogy (the ...

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes cast and director reveal most important piece of ...

Games Radar 08 May 2024
For Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, the latest movie in the long-running sci-fi series, star Andy Serkis and director Matt Reeves passed the baton on to a new team ... War for the Planet of the Apes.