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The Carolina Philharmonic Presents Pops on the Green

The Pilot 13 May 2022
... of music will evoke images of outer space, from “The Planets” to “Star Trek,” under a canopy of stars as a full moon rises.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Uses Pike to Tackle the Concept of Fate

Collider 11 May 2022
Star Trek ... But Pike is also struggling with the events of Star Trek.

Astronauts’ Brains Altered by Extended Trips to Space

Technology Org 10 May 2022
Going to space changes a person. We’ve known that ever since NASA and the former Soviet Union started sending people to space back in the mid-20th Century ... Their latest target? Astronaut brains ... (NASA Photo). Humans are, as a character in the series Star Trek ... We evolved on a planet with gravity, and our “water bags” reflect that ... K. E.

Star Trek TV Shows Ranked by Tomatometer

Rotten Tomatoes 09 May 2022
(Photo by Paramount+/CBS) Star Trek TV Shows Ranked by Tomatometer ... The Star Trek universe kicked off in 1966 with the original series, created by science fiction visionary Gene Roddenberry, and later exploded into a massive film and TV juggernaut ... Live-action TV follow-up Star Trek ... Star Trek. Deep Space Nine, Star Trek. Voyager, and Star Trek.

Extended Trips to Space Alter the Brains of Astronauts

Universe Today 09 May 2022
Astronaut Peggy Whitson in the International Space Station’s Cupola during a 2017 tour of duty. Doctors are interested in how long periods in low gravity change an astronaut’s brain. (NASA Photo) ... Humans are, as a character in the series Star Trek ... We evolved on a planet with gravity, and our “water bags” reflect that ... .

The Sky This Week: Catch the Eta Aquariids

Astronomy 06 May 2022
Saturn currently leads the parade of early-morning planets visible right now. The ringed planet rises around 2.30 A.M ... Return tomorrow or the next day to watch Vesta trek east, pulling away from the planet and star and moving to their lower left ... The best time to catch the solar system’s largest planet is a little over an hour before sunrise.

Strange New Worlds Begins by Embracing Some Old Star Trek Tropes

The Escapist 05 May 2022
This discussion and review contains spoilers for Star Trek ... Star Trek ... This is, after all, a prequel series to the original Star Trek, focused on the cast of characters from the aborted 1964 pilot, and also a transparent attempt to return to the episodic model of storytelling that defined Star Trek until the third season of Star Trek.

Star Trek: 10 Things You Need To Know About Transporters

What Culture 05 May 2022
The transporter is probably the most fantastical element of Star Trek's vast inventory ... The earliest pitches for Star Trek had to deal with the challenge of getting the crew down to the planets each week ... This became part of the pitch, and part of the reason that Star Trek was given the green light - twice.

May the 4th be with you: Kentucky store has 'Star Wars' bootleg toys, ‘KFC-3PO’ art

The Roanoke Times 05 May 2022
Fantastic Planet (1973) ... Forbidden Planet (1956) ... It influenced a host of major sci-fi franchises that followed it, including “Star Trek,” “Doctor Who,” and “Star Wars.” The film tells the story of an expedition to a faraway planet, Altair IV, which ventures there to investigate what happened to a previous expedition that never returned.

Explore the stars of Star Trek from your backyard

Astronomy 04 May 2022
Indeed, with all the recent exoplanet discoveries, it’s not hard to imagine that an alien civilization might exist where no one has gone before, on a planet revolving around one of the stars of Star Trek ... Besides Earth, probably the most important planet in Star Trek is Vulcan, homeworld of Mr.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Series Premiere Review

IGN Insider 01 May 2022
Mild spoilers follow for Star Trek ... When the character returned to the screen in 2019 for Star Trek ... The planet that Pike and company find, and the situation they find themselves in the middle of there, feel like classic Trek, with a good dose of cautionary storytelling thrown in along the way.

Star Trek: 10 Secrets Of The Danube-class Runabout

What Culture 29 Apr 2022
The early seasons of Star Trek ... Despite being somewhat diminished after the introduction of the Defiant, the Danube-class runabout continued operation throughout Deep Space Nine, appearing in an impressive 79 episodes (plus a couple episodes of TNG, Voyager, and Lower Decks) and remains an indelible image from that early-90s Star Trek boom.

A Guide to All the Major Cinematic Multiverses

Time Magazine 27 Apr 2022
From superheroes to Star Trek, here’s what’s coming next ... Here’s Who They Are The Star Trek Multiverse. ParamountStar Trek Beyond What are the relevant movies?. Star Trek (2009) Who broke open this multiverse? ... Abrams-directed 2009 Star Trek movie ... In 2387 of the original “prime” timeline, a few decades after Star Trek.

Moonshot: A Journey Home debuts on Apple ArcadeApple also released a special documentary 'Poached' shot ...

Deccan Herald 26 Apr 2022
In this game, gamers will play the Moon Pi, which is separated from the mother planet Earth. The player has to trek across the vast universe in a unique slingshot gameplay mechanics and will also face challenging navigational puzzles.

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